A love to tell

I am a certified late bloomer, has recurring separation anxiety and a ton of trust issues. Having all these concerns, are you getting a picture of how would I behave inside a romantic relationship? As I would have imagined it too, that would be a disaster. It would be self-destructive and much worse; I would […]

bente OTSO

Hello! Here’s the details and plan in the upcoming BENTE OTSO party! Ang Punduhan ng Mga Dumagat ay isang settlement area ng buong Dumagat na naninirahan sa kahabaan ng Sierra Madre. May ilang pamilyang nakatira sa mismong Punduhan pero ang main purpose nito ay tanggapan sa mga Dumagat na kailangan dalin sa ospital o tanggapan […]


It’s over. I’m done. It hurts so bad. Morning is dark. Night time is flooded. Nothing seems beautiful. Stil, there’s always and always and always something TO BE THANKFUL FOR. Like this freedom…. How long will this day be over?

i miss you…

just tell me what exactly happened and just say SORRY… i just hope it was easy for you to do. i have made a lot of things easier for you but with this one i just cannot be too hard on myself. this is my threshold. just tell me the story and say SORRY. as […]

too much irony for today

Life’s just seems too ironic for today I suddenly noticed a lot of things far more contradictory than what it has to be To appreciate happiness, you need to be in pain first We need to first to make mistakes to know what’s right We expressed we care yet we say hurtful words We regret […]

isandaang araw

Hindi ko akalaing ako’y mahuhumaling sa isang tulad mo Tulad mo na palaging nakakaalalay sa isang kaibigan Tulad mo na madalas nakaakay sa isang kabataan Tulad mo na hindi maiwan ang minamahal na pamilya Ilang beses ko ninais na ika’y iwasan Minsan mabigat at tila may pasan Ngunit bakit, ito’y isang lihim Ako’y bumabalik, sa […]

have COURAGE & be KIND

Before this beautiful emotion and memory goes to memory lane, better to write and share the story. Even though I’m not feeling very well right now due to strong headache and difficulty in breathing, I have to write this while everything is still here… Yesterday was the most challenging and scary 30 minutes I had. […]