i miss you…

just tell me what exactly happened and just say SORRY…

i just hope it was easy for you to do. i have made a lot of things easier for you but with this one i just cannot be too hard on myself. this is my threshold.

just tell me the story and say SORRY. as simple as that.

this might be our end.

the longest six months of my life could end… normal days are approaching..

fight for me please. at least once in your life, believe that our love is worth the fight

stand up for me… lead… ran after me… because i wouldn’t ran away that far…

i hope it wasn’t easy for you too as you made it seem.

namimiss mo din kaya ako?

Love cannot live without trust.

I guess that’s just how it goes; you rescued me from being stuck with someone before, and now I need another somebody to save me from you.


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