too much irony for today

Life’s just seems too ironic for today

I suddenly noticed a lot of things far more contradictory than what it has to be

To appreciate happiness, you need to be in pain first

We need to first to make mistakes to know what’s right

We expressed we care yet we say hurtful words

We regret things in the past yet at the present moment we ignore the consequences

We want honesty yet we keep the truth to avoid deceit

We find the value of others when they’re gone not when they’re still within our reach

We seek love yet there’s broken trust

We have food and yet starve ourselves just to look good for others while others have no food to eat

We build relationships yet we destroy others

We tend to make ourselves educated yet makes ourselves stupid

We put boundaries yet others are exempted and can get through

We preach moral values yet our actions are contrary to that

We explain life’s meaning and yet we don’t know one bit of what life really is

This is the hypocrisy and ironies we encounter at some point of our lives


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